I grew up in a very small town named Sierra Vista, AZ. Growing up everyone from school, including myself, referred to our city as “Sorry Vista”. It seemed as if there was never anything to do there besides go out to eat. We actually just got a mall about 6 years ago. That was pretty much the excitement of my life. Finally something exciting to do, but alas the mall came to be known as “the hall at Sierra Vista”. Not even a mall would spice up this boring, retirement town. 

          Yes, a retirement city-it is located right next to the army base, Ft. Huachuchua. Many retired military men raised their families in Sierra Vista. The town was being taken over by old people. I could not wait to graduate college and get away from the small town that I had grown to hate. I always thought that after graduating college I’d move as far away as I could get-either California or Texas. Now those are two great states, what does Arizona have to offer? Apparently, I was young and stupid.

          I moved 90 miles away from my hometown to a town named Tucson. I was so excited to move away and finally leave behind this small, boring town. I’ve been in Tucson for about 7 months now and I would rather be back in Sierra Vista then anywhere else. I’ve grown to miss the small things-Denny’s (where everyone always hung out), everyone knowing my name, the church and preacher I grew up with, the house I lived in and loved more then anything else, and being able to get anywhere in the town in under 10 minutes. After being away from my hometown for less then a year, I’ve realized how great my hometown really was. 

          After I graduate college, I plan on moving back to Sierra Vista and teaching at the same high school I graduated from. I want nothing more then to get married and raise a family in the wonderful city that I grew up in. As an added bonus, half of my family lives in Sierra Vista so family time is very valued and very frequent. I guess the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” rings true to this situation. It took a very short amount of time for me to realize that yes, “Arizona is my home” but even more so, “Sierra Vista is my home”.