In the southwest corner of the state resides a small town by the name of Somerton. Somerton is less than two square miles. It is what I have called home all my life. Although I have seen many places on this massive continent, I have to say my town has to be the most beautiful and peaceful.

This wonderful town in Arizona is full of history. Somerton’s antiquated buildings, landmarks and people contribute to its astonishingly old nature. There have been many people who have moved on further into the country that once resided in this town. Many crossed the border illegally and only remained here for a few months or years but then proceeded on with their quest into this great nation and a better life. These people have taken with them only memories. Also in our history lie saloons, bars, markets, and old schools. Many of the buildings where the markets used to be simply changed names and others have been completely destroyed. We have never had a high school but the “K-8” school we once had was bulldozed my fifth grade year. My mother and her whole family attended this school. Last but not least, Somerton was once a spot of entertainment, relaxation, and fun. With many saloons and bars to choose from, Somerton was a favorite among the agricultural employees. Through memory or formally by the town, the history of Somerton is still preserved.

The history for me is conserved through my family. My grandmother is one of the “pioneers” in Somerton. She moved here from San Luis, R.C. Mexico when she was 33 years old. Living in Somerton with six children all under the age of fifteen was not easy but the tranquility of the town was a comfort. While she worked out in the crops for countless hours all day, her children attended school. The small size of the town was a positive aspect because everybody knew each other. My grandmother still makes Somerton her home. Since the age of one month, my mother lived here. She grew up in this magnificent town and received her education along with her basic life skills. For forty-two years now, my mother has called this her home. You may ask her why she has remained here for all this time and she will simply reply that her roots are stubborn and strong. My brother, sister, cousins, and I still enjoy having Somerton as a home and plan to keep it that way for coming generations.

Today, Somerton has changed since the old days. As far as the people are concerned, it is still the same place with the same people. The children of the sixties and seventies have now grown up and have their houses in Somerton. As you can tell, people are simply following the rules of nature and evolving; not evolving to something new but something bigger and better. Everyone knows each other and always welcomes the old and new members of the community with open arms and smiles. Basically it is still small.

Somerton is an amazing community. Although it is hot, when the sun sets  The people come out with their cup of coffee, can of beer, or glass of water. Either way, if you ever visit Somerton it may seem lonely and a gas stop between Mexico and Yuma, Arizona but after the sun goes down all are welcomed with magnificent kindness, friendliness, and ironically more warmth, but warmth from the heart.